Frequently asked questions

What is minimum price for tattoo ?

Minimum price for tattoo is 350 Kn . For starting price you can get one small sign or letter not so complicated

How to get an appointment ?

For appointment you will need to come to the Studio in person fill out a form and leave some deposit to confirm your appointment .

What about Deposit ?

- After you fill out a form you will need to leave some deposit that depending of the cost of your tattoo . - Deposit is just to confirm that you will come to your booked appointmant . - Deposit will be returned if you cancel your appointmant 24h in advance ( direct in studio, phone, facebook page , web contact form . - Deposit will be taken from the full amonut that you make a deal

Can you design my tattoo ?

Absolutely . Our main studio policy is NO COPY PAST . We are more than happy whan clients come with idea and let our artist do project in own stile . Every single time artist will tray to come as much as possible close to idea of clients , that depende of idea , size and a placemant on the body .

Does tattooing hurt ?

Tattooing procedure hurts , BUT if you follow procedure in FAQ ( How to prepare myself for tattoo ) you wount feel nothing what will be uncomfortable . Our Artist are professionals and well skilled to place ink in your skin and damage your skin as less as possible .

How to prepare myself for tattoo ?

Eat well Get enough sleep Don't get drunk night before Don't burn on the sun Take something sweets and water with you Don't do drugs before session Don't drink alcohol before session

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